Templates and maps for Benefits Realisation Management

Zoe Marmara ⚡
Oct 30, 2020


Photo by: Adeolu Eletu

Benefits Realization Management: A Practice Guide, a PMI publication to help businesses drive more successful outcomes and better strategic alignment, contains practices and universal principles that can be applied at project, programme and portfolio level. However, the Guide lacks the practice-oriented knowledge.

Luckily, special Interest Groups of Project Delivery Professionals exist and they share templates, documentation, case studies and valuable market knowledge. They also provide guidance on benefits mapping, template completion and measurement.

Benefits documentation hierarchy

Once you figure out how the benefits management practices work, you can apply them to a programme as whole, such as in the figure below.

Benefits cycle practices alignment with programme lifecycle (Infrastructure and Projects Authority, gov.uk)

However, this process needs a lot of drawing, revising and sharing maps and diagrams. Is there an easy way to do it?

Benefits Dependency Map

I was amazed to find that Lucidchart has it all. A guide for Benefits Realization Management and a Benefits dependency map that you can edit online.

Lucidchart also features various product roadmap templates to help you build your product strategy. Use one of these tools to build roadmaps:

  • Lucidchart: Cloud-based app used for intelligent diagramming and data visualization.
  • airfocus: A roadmapping tool that automatically calculates priorities to help you make better decisions.
  • ProdPad: Capture ideas and feedback and build product roadmaps.
  • Aha!: Web-based strategy and roadmapping tool to help you define a strategy and prioritize your work.



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