Leadership styles and project management

  • Impoverished management is about managers without much concern either for task accomplishment or for people, who carry out only the required work necessary.
  • Country club management is about developing good interpersonal relationships, usually at the expense of job tasks.
  • Produce-or-perish management means that a manager places great emphasis on performance and strives to achieve results regardless of employee needs.
  • Team management represents a manager who places great focus on both company goals and the workers’ needs. Job results are accomplished by encouraging teamwork and commitment among employees.
  • In the middle-of-the-road style, leaders aim to deliver adequate performance, by trying to balance between company goals and workers’ needs. Performance is achieved by either relying on standards and directives or through negotiations and compromising (Gallo et all, 2016).
  • A1–2: Type 1 leaders make decisions based on the information available to them at the time, while type 2 leaders make decisions based on information collected from followers (Pershing & Austin, 2014).
  • C1–2: Type 1 leaders seek the opinion of followers individually but do not involve them in the decision-making process. The final decision is made by a leader. Type 2 leaders seek the opinion of followers as a group.
  • G2: Type 2 leaders discuss problem and situation with followers as a group and seek their ideas and suggestions through brainstorming. Leaders accept any decision and do not try to force their idea. Decision accepted by the group is the final one.
The Vroom-Yetton Decision Tree as it has been displayed on MindTools
  • People who select ambiguous, non-repetive tasks may be more responsive to achievement-oriented leadership, than people who select repetive tasks.
  • When tasks are ambiguous or when employees are ego-involved, participative leadership leads to more effective solutions.
  • Supportive leadership is linked to tasks that are dissatisfying, frustrating or stressful.



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