A list of Project Management Templates

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Here’s a list of documents with their download links. I will make sure the list is regularly updated.

  1. Project charter: The Project charter is issued by the sponsor to formally authorize the existence of a project and provides the project manager with authority to apply organizational resources to the project. #Integration Download: CDC.gov (Direct link, Word)
  2. Project initiation: The Project initiation contains the direction and scope of the project. #Scope Download: powerofproductleadership.com (Direct link, Word)
  3. Organization breakdown: The Organization breakdown structure outlines each organizational unit’s responsibilities toward completing the project. #HR Download: templatelab.com (Direct link, Word)
  4. Project governance management plan: This template provides a record of how decisions are made on the project. #HR Download: CA-PMO (Direct link, Word)
  5. Project plan: The timeline for the project. Defines organizational unit milestones, start and finish dates, interdependencies between organizational units, and which unit is responsible for which work products. Presented in a phased task and activities format. Encompasses entire scope of the project. #Time Download: templatelab.com (Direct link, Excel)
  6. Work breakdown: Describes work to be completed, by hierarchy, from the level of an individual worker’s daily task to the team level work products to the project level milestones. #Scope Download: templatelab.com (Direct link, Excel)
  7. Financial plan: Contains tables showing the estimated and budgeted amounts for project expenditures and revenues separated into expenditure type and accounting timeline. #Cost
  8. Risk management plan: A compilation of the project risk mitigations, contingency and related reserve plans for handling threats identified in the Risk log template. #Risk Download: GTA.Georgia.gov (Direct file, Word)
  9. Quality management plan: Describes how the project team will ensure that all deliverables or work products will meet the required quality standards. #Quality Download: CA-PMO (Direct link, Excel)
  10. Communications plan: Describes how communications will occur throughout the project, including who is involved (stakeholders), what content is to be presented, what medium will be used (meeting or e-mail, for example), how often it will be communicated, and when it will be communicated. #Communications Download: Office (Direct link, Word)
  11. Procurement Management Plan Template: Describes how the procurement processes will be managed, from the development of procurement documents through contract closure. #Procurement Download: CA-PMO (Direct link, Word)
  12. Team charter: Defines operational guidelines team will follow. Presented to the project team at commencement of project, usually at the “kickoff” meeting. Also presented to new members as they join the team. #Integration No template here, you need to read this.
  13. Project status: Statuses the project as detailed in the communication plan. #Communications Download: CDC.gov (Direct file, Word)
  14. Change request: Provides information necessary for the control board to handle unforeseen changes to the projects. It includes a description of the reasons for the change, how it will affect the project, and how it will be implemented and monitored. #Integration Download: CA-PMO (Direct link, Word)
  15. Process Improvement Plan Template: Collects data used to prepare, perform, and audit a quality review. May also apply to a business or management review, and contains information required to follow-up on results. #Quality Download: CA-PMO (Direct link, Word)
  16. Meeting agenda & minutes: Collects information to organize a meeting and record the results of a meeting. #Communications Download: CA-PMO (Direct link, Word)
  17. Conclusions templates: Useful when presenting findings. See this list at Slide Geeks. #Communications
  18. Project closure: Summarizes project and lessons learned. Identifies materials that may be reused. #Quality Download: umsystem.edu (Direct file, Word)

Many thanks to SoftPMO™, TemplateLab, Vertex42, CA-PMO and every person who has put their effort and knowledge out there. You have my warm appreciation.




Much of my job boils down to understanding and communicating the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything. | Find me at zoetrope.gr

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Zoe Marmara ⚡

Zoe Marmara ⚡

Much of my job boils down to understanding and communicating the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything. | Find me at zoetrope.gr

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